Useful plants - crop diversity from around the world


On the website of www.ethno you can find information and images of tomato varieties, hot peppers and chili pepper varieties, medicinal plants, herbs, fruits, vegetables and various rare or exotic crops from all over the world.

Unfortunately there are not all pages translated in english.


Capsicum - many Photos and information about peppers and chilis, Habaneros and other Capsicum s

Capsicum - Photos and information about many pepper and chili varieties.

Tomatoes - information and photos about many different tomatoe varieties

Tomatoes - Photos and information on various tomato varieties.

Medical herbs and plants from Latin America

Medicinal Plants from Latin America with descriptions and images.

Crops - fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and other exotic useful plants

Useful plants - fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and other exotic crops

Exotische Früchte - Früchte, Obst, Wildfrüchte und Zitrusfrüchte

Fruits - exotic fruits, wild fruits, tropical fruits and citrus fruits


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